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  1. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff johnsey
    Thanks for checking, it seemed a bit out of character for him.
  2. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff johnsey
    Johnsey, do you know why TonyTee has not been on, usually he is prolific with his images.
    1. johnsey
      Honestly no I have not heard. Looks like it has been a month now, it would seem he may not be in a place where he is able to go out shooting and posting.
      May 20, 2022 at 11:49 AM
    2. johnsey
      actually looking at his profile it says he was online 8 hours ago on the website.
      May 20, 2022 at 11:51 AM
  3. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff Isac
    Greg, sorry for the weird message, I have run fowl of cannon forums 420 character limit so I have had to split the message into 6 parts, start at the bottom and read up.
  4. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff Isac
    I have acquired 4 photo enlargers and most of the necessary darkroom equipment, I have 3 students who have darkroom experience and are interested in film.and some of the customers at Vinnies come in and see me about photography issues they have come to purchase secondhand gear from me and see what I am doing.I shall upgrade next year after my darkroom is done.
  5. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff Isac
    I am at this moment building a darkroom under my house.It is built out of recycled timber for the Tip shop.It is coming along slowly but I am getting there. Time is a issue at the moment as my volunteer hours at Vinnies takes up most of the week due to covid and people on holiday.
  6. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff Isac
    and we must go on. If I need something new I save up and purchase it.. This in itself give me more satisfaction than having new gear. I am heading in the opposite direction to new gear and more in the way of film and darkroom development.
  7. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff Isac
    Greg due to 420 character limit I shall split up this message, . Financially I am on a crappy disability pension My aorta split and only 1 in 10 survive. I was in a comma for a month which left me with nerve damage down my back and leg, limiting to what I can do. Shit happens
  8. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff Isac
    Greg,I have been there and done that, after two ex-wives, you are left with very little, it is very hard to rebuild yourself financially, I have kept myself out of debt with only a house payment to contend with. All my gear is second hand and I have rebuilt or made myself, the advantage of a trade
  9. LongHairedDavid
    Just purchased a Canon EOS650 film camera with 35 - 80mm power zoom lens
  10. GDN
    It wasn't me
  11. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff johnsey
    Johnsey, it may be worth having a look at why, when using Edge and Chrome to access Canon Forum, we can't see posted images but there is no issues when using Firefox.
  12. kevin davies
  13. Caladina
    Caladina Phil
    Hi Phil, my partner is having problems registering on the site, neither of us can see why.
    It says "unspecified data"
    She is wanting to use the name Loupie which is one she uses commonaly
    She sent an email thru contact us 'ruth rouse'
    Just letting you know she is genuine etc

  14. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff Caladina
    Congrtats on hitting 1000 messages , Laura, it is people like you, Ray and Gary, who are the glue that hold the forum together. keep it up .
  15. Tonytee
    Tonytee Isac
    Hello my friend and many thanks for your comment. You are very much appreciated. Tony :))
  16. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff Tonytee
    Congratulations on getting to 2000 posts, Tony.
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    2. Tonytee
      Well, I thank you wholeheartedly there, young fella. :) Tony
      Jun 3, 2021
  17. Isac
    Allways Here to Help!
  18. Blurwi
    Returning member
  19. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff johnsey
    Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts, Site Moderator can be a difficult position at times but the site run quite well.
  20. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff
    Thanks, Gary, was a nice quiet family get together