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  1. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff rayallen
    Ray, after seeing Tony's post and he has put the same photo up I think 3 times, also taking into consideration his wife in hospital and can not visit her, I am worrying about Tony's health.
    Do you think there is some way we can have someone contact and check on him possibly through Johnsey or phil in his capacity as site moderator. If we both aproach either of them .
    His behavior is out of character.
  2. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff rayallen
    I hope you have had a good Christmas, Ray.
    I just recieved the Mamiya 645 to eos adapter so I can put the lenses that come with the Mamiya 645 set.

    I should be interesting to see how they go when I give them a proper tryout.
    1. rayallen
      Hi Craig,
      Thanks for your good wishes and I hope that you had a good Christmas too. We had a great day with all the family. It was a 340km round trip but well worth it.
      It sounds like Santa looked after you. You should have loads of fun with that Mamiya.
      Dec 25, 2019
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    2. rayallen
      2nd part..
      Tomorrow I will be picking up my first Canon L-Series lens. A 17-40 came up at a ridiculous price that I could not resist. Can't wait to try it on the 1Ds.
      Dec 25, 2019
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  3. Tonytee
    Tonytee johnsey

    I recently purchased a Canon 80d with two Canon lenses.
    I was shooting some colorful red roses, but no matter what I did in the presets, I could not replicate colors accurately. In fact, not even close.
    I used the Scene Intelligent Mode, and Viola!! The image turned out perfectly. So my question is: Did I just spend all
    that money on a Canon Point and Shoot named an 80d? Thnx, Tony
    1. johnsey
      Not at all, you bought a moderately rugged dslr body for more control over the shot, interchangeable lenses and better performance from the sensor. If you used the landscape preset it probably would behave similarly to the scene intelligent.
      Sep 25, 2019
    2. johnsey
      You could have solved this likely by shooting on manual and color balancing with grey card to the available light, that has a huge impact on color tone and auto wb doesn't get it right every time. The preset scenes will do very specific things to color tone which you may not like.
      Sep 25, 2019
    3. johnsey
      But to be fair i have never shot using any presets I always white balance in manual and then take the raw file and season color and saturation to taste.
      Sep 25, 2019
  4. Astro Baby
  5. Astro Baby
    Astro Baby
    There is nothing free except the grace of God
  6. Tonytee
    Tonytee Michael T Hall
    Hello Mike,
    This is Tony again. If you would like to send some photos of the gear you have listed, feel free to use my email: Thanks tony.
  7. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff rayallen
    Thanks Ray, one or two more would be nice, two of the students have been there since day one . The class has been going for about six years now and one of those students is 92 this year.
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  8. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff rayallen
    Hello Ray, I have just had my ten seconds of fame on TV, my photography class was part of a story done on the community center done by one of the local TV station down here
    1. rayallen
      Hi Craig,
      That's just great. It is so hard to get recognition for activities like that so I hope that it might help to increase your membership (if that is what you want!!). Well done, mate.
      Regards, Ray.
      May 23, 2019
  9. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff rayallen
    Reference to missing post, I put a post up about favorite lens but had a small problem with my computer namely a sticking key so I deleted the post. I have another keyboard now. The 1D mark 3 has live view , whoopee for me as I find it helps with the fine focusing. I use Soligor 28mm F2.8 M42 lens for landscape, sorry for the confusion, Craig S.
  10. Amy Walters
    Amy Walters
    Newborn photography to keep a roof over my head and because I love it, wildlife photography hopeful hobbyist when I can afford it...... ;)
  11. Amy Walters
    Amy Walters
    loving photography more every day! PS I have ADHD :)
  12. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff rayallen
    Joy oh Joy the light seals have arrived, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. and good timing too., I was taking a Haminar 135mm lens with me tomorrow to show the class how they operate and what they look like when I strip it down to it to its basic components. Once again thank you very much for the light seals it is very appreciated.
  13. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff rayallen
    It was good to talk to you Ray, sorry I had to cut it short, my email address is and thanks for taking the time to talk on the phone
  14. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff rayallen
    Thanks very much Ray, my address is 24 Westfield street, Claremont, Tasmania, 7011.
    I don't have a mobil phone but my home phone is 03 6275 0261.
    It would be nice to speak to you in person some time. Best time to ring me is after 7.00 pm .
    What do I owe you for the seals an mail costs.
    Kind regards, Craig S.
  15. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff Phil
    Phil it has been twelve months since our last competition, do we have another coming soon regards Craig
  16. Craig Sherriff
    Craig Sherriff rayallen
    Ray have you been able to get on to the site recently as this is the first time I have been able to since the 13 th of last month
    1. rayallen
      Hi Craig, I have been able to get on every day but I don't say much as there is very little going on. Very fast losing interest in this forum.
      Cheers, Ray.
      Oct 2, 2018
  17. Tonytee
    Tonytee Phil
    Hi Phil, I have been trying unsuccessfully to upload a couple of images on this forum. All I get is: A problem uploading your image. It doesn't indicate what the problems is or may be. Is there a limit on the size of files? I tried to upload another file today, and the same problem message appears.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  18. SpecialK
    SpecialK Phil
    When posting photos before, there used to be a list of topics. I can no longer find the "Cars and Machinery" thread, for instance. What am I missing?
    1. Phil
      Hey SpecialK. Instead of having them in different forums, we moved all the photos to one forum. We still have the ability to pick a subject for the photo, it is now a "prefix" in the post. You can set that when you create a post!
      Oct 11, 2017
  19. Miloš Oravec
    Miloš Oravec
    You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus Mark Twain
  20. Miloš Oravec
    Miloš Oravec
    you can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus