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    1. Craig Sherriff
      Craig Sherriff
      Laura, don't worry about Tony's rant about his flower . This is not the first time he has had one on this forum , he had a few on the Pentax forum aswell. He denied the last one and Ray Allen copied it and sent it back to him. Personally I think he is showing early signs of dementia.
    2. Craig Sherriff
      Craig Sherriff
      Laura, the cleaning of the contacts and autofocus sensor seems to have worked the image is not 100% but much greatly improved. using your lens testing image shows no distortion of the image so hopefully all is ok.
    3. Craig Sherriff
      Craig Sherriff
      Laura, I have looked up on how to clean the contacts on the lens and my 1 D and to clean the sensor for the autofocus, and the lens is now locking on to the test image you put up, hopefully this has fixed the focus issue. I shall re-take the image some time this weekend, the lens should perform much better.
    4. Craig Sherriff
      Craig Sherriff
      Craig Sherriff

      Laura, been thinking of what you have noticed with Tony's images being over saturated, I had a look at A Little Trouble With Red Eye? Visine and the settings were at 1/200s, F/5.6, ISO 10,000. Now look at his last flower image, ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/180s: F11. With these two in mind thinking about the sunny 16 rule, the first image is 2.5 stops too bright thus I think. causing the over saturation.
    5. Craig Sherriff
      Craig Sherriff
      Laura, (had to cut the message in half as it is more than 420 long)
      Deliberate or not he has applied the sunny 16 rule (ISO = shutter at f16) and it has come out ok. What do you think?
    6. Craig Sherriff
      Craig Sherriff
      Merry Christmas, Caladina, I hope you and yourpartner have a joyous one, this year has been a bit shitty but here's hoping next year is much better. ps. May santa bring you a new camera in your stocking. Ho Ho Ho and merry Christmas
    7. Craig Sherriff
      Craig Sherriff
      Congrtats on hitting 1000 messages , Laura, it is people like you, Ray and Gary, who are the glue that hold the forum together. keep it up .
    8. Caladina
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