Canon 250D Pop Up Flash Problems in Manual

Discussion in 'Technical Troubleshooting' started by Alan Hopkinson, May 23, 2020.

  1. Alan Hopkinson

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    May 23, 2020
    Hi guys. First post here. Sorry for the newby post. Go easy on me ,

    So, I've just been in my Fishroom taking pics of my fish in manual mode with the pop up flash UP. All has been well until the flash stopped flashing.. dont get me wrong I may have mashed the buttons with my Mars bar fingers and enabled/disabled a setting by accident. When I put the focus into auto the flash does the initial pulse of flashes before I take the shot.... but there isnt a flash for the shot, resulting in my pictures now looking dark ... any advise will be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance,

    ** UPDATE, I have re-entered my Fishroom for another go, still in manual with manual focus. The flash is flashing but the pic is coming back dark, is it possible that the shutter and flash are out of sync with each other... the picture is identical with flash up or flash down.... no flash light is entering the picture (and yes I have got the lens cap removed )

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  2. Tonytee

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    Apr 19, 2017
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    I have had this issue and what I did was to reset the whole nine yards back to factory settings and it seemed to do the trick. I believe you are correct in that you may have inadvertently tripped a button, dial or wheel thereby offsetting the setting for the built-in Lighthouse. :) Hope this helps. TT
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  3. johnsey

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    Well it is possible that the camera believes there is a flash in the hot shoe, where is a safe guard where it will not fire the built in one in that case.

    But the other thing I can think of is that under the flash control menu there is an option to disable the built in flash, I believe is till fires the a series of flashes to help achieve focus in low light, but I am not positive regarding that model.

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