Canon 60d Com Cord, SD Cards and Software

Discussion in 'Canon EOS Digital SLRs' started by Michael Mitsch, Oct 10, 2019.

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    I just got a used Canon 60d body, with the help of LOTS of folks here in the forum, and it finally arrived. It did not come with the manual and I was able to download that. It didn't have the software disc either, but there is a long list a Canon's site (see below). Which are the good things to have?

    Digital Photo Professional 4.11.0 for Windows 10/09/19 279.69 MB
    Picture Style Editor 1.23.0 for Windows 10/09/19 83.72 MB
    Picture Style Editor 1.22.50 for Windows 08/29/19 82.56 MB
    Digital Photo Professional 4.10.50 for Windows 08/29/19 279.64 MB
    Picture Style Editor 1.22.40 for Windows 07/22/19 82.42 MB
    Digital Photo Professional 4.10.40 for Windows 07/22/19 279.05 MB
    Digital Photo Professional 4.10.20 for Windows 04/10/19 230.24 MB
    Picture Style Editor 1.22.20 for Windows 04/10/19 58.26 MB
    Digital Photo Professional 4.10.0 for Windows 02/15/19 230.18 MB
    Picture Style Editor 1.22.0 for Windows 02/15/19 52.53 MB
    Digital Photo Professional 4.9.20 for Windows 10/23/18 229.61 MB
    Picture Style Editor 1.21.0 for Windows 09/25/18 52.16 MB
    Digital Photo Professional 3.15.0 Updater for Windows 10/14/15
    EOS Utility 2.14.20a Updater for Windows 10/14/15

    Also listed is a firmware update. How do I check which firmware the camera has and how do I update it? Should I update it?

    EOS 60D / EOS 60Da Firmware Update, Version 1.1.2 [Windows]

    Also I am going to get some SD cards for it and wondered if there are any recommendations or limitations?

    Finally, what kind of cable do I use between the camera and my PC?


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    Software depends on the workflow you use, I say install the recent DPP and PSE versions and see if you have a use for them. If you use Adobe editing software you may find you have little to no need for those.

    The EOS Utility is nice for Downloading via USB, and for updating firmware. That said you can put the newest firmware on a card and update that way, so read the instructions that come with the firmware. I recommend modest/smaller storage sizes, they are cheaper, and then if you shoot for a week on vacation and have multiple cards, even if one card is corrupt or damaged you do not lose all photos.

    Standard USB i believe is what the camera uses, you can use a cord if you like, but you can also use a card reader to copy the files off, then reformat in camera. To me the cord is really only needed if you want to shoot tethered, and then you probably want to purchase a very long one.

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