Canon ae-1 reselling and maintenance

Discussion in 'Canon Film SLRs' started by jkcy, Jun 30, 2022.

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    Jun 30, 2022
    Canaon ae-1
    Recently bought a canon ae-1 and had a terrible experience with it. The bottom screws loosened by itself and the whole bottom fell out. Brought it to a europe trip and used two rolls of portra 400 to find that everh photo has some artefacts from light leak due to the light seals being either not there or worn out.

    Just wanted to get the opinions of someone experienced to find out if this is a very common issue and unavoidable or did I just buy from a store with really poor work ethics

    Is it common practice to check and repair light seals before selling it? Are there even legitimate repairs or just diy ones (the store used yarn to stuff the spaces)

    Should they have tested the camera on a roll first to make sure everything worked as per normal? They just told me the light seal thing is a 50/50 chance making seem like they were not at fault.

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