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    Mar 16, 2023
    canon 1200d
    Hi, guys. I'm starting my career as a photographer and I need to change my canon 1200d camera, I'm in doubt between the canon m50 mark ii and the canon 80d. I'm looking for something that can offer me good quality both in video and in photo. I saw that the problem with the m50 was the battery and that of the 80d, I wasn't very convinced with the video quality. I wanted some opinions from people who have used both cameras to know which path to choose. Thank uuuuuuuuu

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    Apr 25, 2017
    Tasmania, Australia
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    Welcome to the forum, Victoria. I have not used the M50 but I have used the 80D and this has great video, with the advantage of a lot of second hand lenses sutable for pro shooting available and new ones.
    I do suggest you use a external mike.
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    i've had the M50 mk1 for 3 years now as my only camera, i only do stills from 600mm wildlife to 2mm macro and everything inbetween, its been a great camera both as a little compact with its efm lenses and a great wildlife and in general with adapted lenses

    as you probably know its one of the more popular video / vlog cameras too, my gf hs do vid with hers but i don't do alot of video, what i have done has been good but only small clip stuff

    battery for stills is fine as i take a couple with me, for video you'll probably have to ask others

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