Canon PIXMA G3000

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  1. Sorin Voicu

    Sorin Voicu New Member

    Jun 3, 2017
    Bucharest, Romania
    Canon 6D
    I have the Canon PIXMA G3000 for a while. Great printer for my purpose, have printing a lot.
    Though I have one issue. Printed by mistake on a false paper size and after I cancel the job, the printer have issue with feed the paper, especially on 10x15. No paper jammed, just take the paper, goes trough the printer without printed and paper feed error occurs. Push the button to clear the „jam”, the next 2 - 10 paper are printed normal, after that same thing. Clean the printer, also printer head and all things. It gets better, but the issue still remain. Printer is print normal, no issue on print quality, but when You print 100 photos and it happens after 2-10 prints, it is annoying.
    Any advice?

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