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    Apr 24, 2017
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    I know very little about flashguns but I saw a PIXEL X800C for sale on ebay and bid on it.
    I have a few pre-digital TTL flashguns but am getting too scatter brained to take the time to use them manually so I thought this might be a cheap way of getting an E-TTL for my 450D and it is!
    Including postage GBP £25 and it came as new in box.
    Looking on the net they can be bought quite cheaply new anyway but I have paid a lot more than this for my Canon film flashes used.
    I will not bore you with the details as they can be found on the internet including a couple of tutorials, my main interest was in getting HSS (high speed sync) but it comes with features that would cost a lot more with Canon speedlites.
    So if you are new to digital photography and intend to get more experienced with using something other than the in camera flash or using one off camera, I recommend you look at something like this, cheap but feels well made.

  2. johnsey

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    Apr 21, 2017
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    These guys have some nice 3rd party gear, they basically copy the canon versions of gear where they can. Current generation seems to be looking at RF just like canon did. I use the 622 triggers and the controller which work great with my 580EXII's which work great at $40 instead of buying pocket wizards.. Which honestly I would get used Canon brand EXII flashes because they are great value for the money with the new generation of flashes that have replaced them.

    Brand new and 3rd party with High Speed Sync? Looks like the 568III supported it, you may want to research.
    Either way look on amazon they have a lot of gear at great prices on there,more than what is listed on the site above.

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