Connect G7X MkII to Apple smartphone - is it possible?

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    Nov 17, 2021
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    I have an iPhone 8 on which an app called Camera Connect (which appears to be for Canon. cameras but it could just be fake - who knows ?) is installed. My reading of an on-line guide to this app, found via a Google search, implies that I should be able to connect my camera with this app. but the instructions on how to do this, as well as instructions in the app from something claiming to be an 'Easy Connection Guide' are so incomplete, vague and incoherent that even after trying for over 6 hours, and a camera battery replacement, I have found no way to do this. Is it possible? If so, how?

    Having such a function, especially if it included remote shutter release, would be most useful when the camera is mounted on a tripod. There being no capability to attach a cable release, I have to touch the camera to fire the shutter, which somewhat defeats the purpose of using the tripod. And If I have to spend a whole day making this connection work, well, it is much easier to either put the camera memory card in the reader on my PC or connect the camera and PC via a suitable cable , then use Rapid Photo Downloader or some equivalent.

    The on-line guide suggests that Canon recommends using Blue-Tooth, but I can find no option to use this function in my camera. The app insists on using wifi and wants to connect to my home network - which, of course, I will not allow since I have no idea of the origin of this app - that's just like opening an attachment in an email from an unknown source. This makes me doubt that it can really be from Canon - surely they would be that reckless, would they?

    The easy connection guide directs me to enable location services in my camera. I can find no such service. The guide suggests the camera displays a "[Nickname] registration screen". I can find nothing with this name in the camera menus but there is a reference in the camera user guide, on page 44, to something called "[Device Nickname] screen" - i have no idea what this is or if it has any connection to "[Nickname] registration screen" referred to in the easy connection guide.. It also says if this [Nickname] registration screen does not appear I am to slide the screen. But the screen on my camera can be tilted only - it does not slide. And what purpose would this serve anyway? The guide then says says to operate the camera - which I can do but nothing is transferred to the smartphone. If I continue to follow the easy connection guide it just repeats the vague set of instruction without reaching an end point. if I cancel this guide I see a message telling me the camera is not connected and then giving the SSID of my home network. So, am I to conclude that my camera has to connect to my home wifi network? How is that done (there are no instruction in the camera guide for connecting the camera via wifi to a PC)? Assuming I can connect to my PC, which, by the way, does not have wifi, what application would I run?

    Finally, has this 'system' actually ever been tested? Or have I been the gullible victim of a scam?

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