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    Oct 29, 2021
    Canon Vixia HV30

    I have an old Canon Vixia HV30, a 2013 iMac and QuickTime Player. I'm looking to play mini-DV tapes on the Vixia, and have it communicate somehow with my iMac and thereby record the footage into a QuickTime file. (I do not have iMovie due to the computer's OS software not being recent enough.)

    The HDV/DV cable (some places call it Firewire?), the HDMI cable and this separate device I have - which has RCA cables and an S-Video port, with the other end being a USB 2.0 - all of these either don't plug into the Vixia, don't plug into the back of my iMac, or both. (Photos included.) But I have a sync cable, which has one end plug into the side of the Vixia and the other end a USB which obviously fits into my iMac.

    In the past, I've recorded footage from analog devices through QuickTime by clicking "Record new movie" and there's a drop down menu I can change to "AV to USB," and the analog image pops up, which I then record. It seems like with the sync cable plugged in, I don't get that drop down menu option on QuickTime. I poked around the menu options on the Vixia and saw a bunch of "AV, DV, Output" options and stuff, but couldn't figure anything out.

    Does anyone know exactly if - or how - to help?

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