HELP! Battery keeps dying.

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  1. Jilly

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    Oct 31, 2020
    Canon 60D
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    I have a Canon 60D and last week, I was shooting photos at an event continuously for about two hours. At the end of the event, my camera died, which I didn't think too much of. I charged my battery until it was full. When I went to use my camera again the top LCD panel showed my battery as full, but it died after a few minutes of use (about 10 photos).

    Puzzled, I plugged it in for a charge and saw the orange light, so I figured it didn't charge properly. A few minutes later the charger indicated it was fully charged (green). I took it off charge and when I used my camera again, the same thing happened. The LCD panel showed a full battery. Then, a few minutes after use, it died again and the panel showed a dead battery.

    I live in Hawaiʻi and on one of the smaller islands, so it is impossible to just order a battery as no one will ship them due to them being lithium. :( I need to figure this out ASAP as I use my camera weekly for work. PLEASE HELP! I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or help.

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    don't know how old your battery is but in my experience batteries don't last for ever, eventually they just die, when you get a replacement get two, number them 1and 2 then use them in rotation so they both get a usage.
    as for the akwardness of getting a battery to the island, i can't help you there,
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    Agreed, if you have a 60d it is likely you have used up the mileage on that battery. Canon brand last longer and are more dependable; I would own at least two for the camera so you always have a backup, rotate usage like mentioned by Caladina. Also do not let them go dead, if you store it recharge every few months. Batteries like these with a little age may not work well after going flat dead.
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    There has been numerous instances on 60D cameras where the batteries drains dead. This happens when after market lens are left attached and the battery is left in the camera. I do not own a 60D so I'm not sure, the thing to do is to detach the lens and remove the battery when you are done shooting for the day. That's my recommendation if you haven't damaged the boards inside.
  5. Craig Sherriff

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    Jilly, this may or may not work, run the battery flat then put it in the freezer over night, then recharge it for 24 hours, some-times this has worked for me.

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