How do i do a timelapse with a Canon Eos 4000D

Discussion in 'Beginner Questions' started by Xzoto, Feb 3, 2019.

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    I cant really find a good explanation online.

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    If you search the web for creating a time lapse you will get some articles like this:

    But the general Idea is that you setup a shot on a tripod. Decide how long the timelapse should be and time span you want to cover.
    In the links example, at 24fps for a 30 second time lapse you need 720 shots. And if you take a photo every 30 seconds it will take 6 hours to produce the number of images. You can use a intervalometer to aide in this.

    Anyway you can take all the images and import them into a program like Lightroom and process the images, then compile them into a time lapse video.

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