Monochrome with color standing out

Discussion in 'Photographic Technique' started by pedro elisio vieira, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. pedro elisio vieira

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    Feb 10, 2020
    canon eos rp
    is there a way to shoot in monochrome and then make a stand out a specific color?
    Is it possible to do it only in the Canon EOS RP?
    Is it possible to do it with Canon Digital Photo Profesional?
    I know that this is possible to do with Photoshop but I don't have it.
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    Jan 30, 2020
    Canon M50
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    Sigma 100-400c ef, Sigma 18-35mm art ef,
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    Ashi Super - Takumar 1.8 / 55mm
    i'm very new to Canon Digital Photo Professional 4 and photography in general, like a month in,
    i just went to Canon Digital Photo Professional 4 and edited one of my full colour pics to only show red.
    i did this by going to 'view' on the drop downs, then select 'edit image window'
    then i selected the symbol for 'edit image colours' (hover mouse over stuff to see which one if you not know)
    then i slid all the colour sliders to the left except red.
    if you have more than one object in the image of the same colour you might need photoshop, you might be able to mask off an area and adjust same colours excluding it in dpp4 but its very new to me, infact this post taught me that as a new thing.
    I doubt thats the right way or easiest way? but its something that worked straight away for me.

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