Pelican case lid storage ideas.

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    Sep 22, 2018
    Picked up a pelican im2700 case to store my d7200, p900 and lenses. Swapped out the pick and pluck with kaizen foam. I bought one of the pelican lid organizers to store some filters, batteries etc.. but it came and j think its junk so its going back.
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    Any diy ideas on some hard case lid storage? I have about 2 inches of depth. Been thinking of a couple things. One is buying a thin enough pelican laptop case and attaching to inside of lide with velcro tape and then adding kaizen foam and fit the filters and batteries into foam. Other idea is some of the micro pelican cases, velcro them to lid. Doesnt have to be pelican brand cases but thats what i see so far that fits in the lid. Looking at cheap hard drive cases but they are fabric and not sure how velcro tape would stay or how protective.

    Anybody got any good ideas for lid storage?
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