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    6-Prisma-filters.jpg Prisma-P.S-filter.jpg Prisma-R-P-filter.jpg Has anyone used or know about Prisma 52mm lens filters, I have recently purchased six of them and a multiple image 3R from Arrow. The multiple image filter is a bit weird , the images look like I cracked the end of my lens but the Prisma filters are not like any filter I have come across. They consist of a R-P which is rose coloured, a B-P blue coloured, a B-C brown coloured, Y-P yellow coloured, P.S similar to a star crossed filter only the engraved lines go in one direction and a polerized filter. All of them are variable , if you look on the side there is a arrow and opposite the arrow are three dots allowing the setting of the variation in the colour of the filter. The P.S filter allows lens flare and you can shift the flare around using the small handle sticking out of the filter. All the filter except the polarized one (which is non-circular) rotate allowing variation in the colour.
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