Rechargeable CR123 batteries

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    I have an Elan 7N and the 33V equivalent. They take CR123 batteries. Does anyone know if I could use the rechargeable RCR123 batteries? The CR123 show 3 volts and the RCR123, being li-po, show 3.7 volts. If it were just one battery and a difference of 0.7 volts I wouldn't worry, but it takes 2 for a difference of 1.4 volts. They are both really sweet little shooters and I would hate to let the smoke out of them.

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    My medium format uses CR123, i imagine like my camera you can get a lot of use out of that battery? I looked up online it says the brand surefire 123A is 3.2 v which would be ok i imagine. I wouldn't bother with it though myself. Given the frequency I swap these out the rechargeable will likely need to be topped off before use and after a 5 or 6 years likely replaced.
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