5D Mark IV freezes - after three repairs still not working

Discussion in 'Technical Troubleshooting' started by JasReif, Sep 9, 2019.

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    Sep 9, 2019
    5d Mark IV
    Hello, beginning of 2018 I bought a Canon 5D Mark IV camera. Previousely I had worked for years with the 5D Mark II and looked forward to using the new camera. Just after the one year warranty had ran out, the problems started to occur. Out of a sudde, in the middle of a shooting, the release button stopped working. The camera was ON, but I could neither half-press the button to focus nor press the button through to take a picture. At first, multiple restarts, changing of batteries, switching to video mode and back solved the problem. After a few weeks none of these worked anymore.
    I handed the camera first in to be repaired by "Fixation" in London, an authorised service centre for Canon Cameras.
    First, they replaced the MAIN BOARD on April 26th 2019. During the second shooting after the repair, the problem occured again. Since the repair warranty was still active, I handed the camera back in. On June 11th, Fixation replaced the DIAL ASSY. During the first shooting after, the problem occured again. I handed the camera back in on Sept 3rd. The report said: "NO problem found after two days of testing". I got the camera back and during the first shooting the problem occured again and persited.

    I am helpess now. The repairs have cost a lot and I begin to loose interest in photographing with my Canon camera. I have been satisfied with Canon during all years of photographing. But this now leaves me puzzled. I do not see the point in arranging another repair, since the camera has been tested endlessly by now.
    Any ideas how to solve this problem??

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    Have you started with canon customer service and been referred each time to that service center?

    Here are my thoughts, I would always start with directly talking to Canon (any manufacturer for that matter). If the hardware was clearly faulty and is persisting to be problematic they should know, and if the authorized repair center isn't fixing the issue they probably want to know. If they refer you somewhere else that's ok, but the ticket should start there.
    Also, I would not focus on the warranty period, you got it in 2018 its been having problems half of this year, the worse thing they can do is say you need to pay for the repairs, even so if its close/know bad batch of hardware it many times can fall into a free repair anyway. I've sent electronics to manufacturers several years afterwards because when i called them I found it was a serial number from a batch that was faulty, sometimes this stuff takes longer than the warranty to show up and companies are understanding. I remember sending in my 20d 18+ months after i got it and they gave me my first cleaning free back then.

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