Black and White AE-1 with FX-4 Developer Tests

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    Having used my A-1 lately with home-made Crawley's Formula FX-4 Film developer and found there was a camera 'fault' where I had to set 1200 ASA to get negatives that were not too dense, I tried a black AE-1 that has a battery fault where it will not switch off and also now has a faulty Frame Counter where it counts up far too many numbers than actually taken BUT it gives good exposures-- so I guessed to set 640 ASA for my FX-4 developer which seems to increase the film speed. Even though the FILM was the batch of 24 exp 03/2009 dated Ilford HP5+ I found on a short test strip processed for 10 mins at 1+1 dilution I got very good negatives that scanned for Forum Use with NO 'Adjustments' only a little USM and will PRINT very well
    I AE-1 FX-4 03.jpg AE-1 FX-4 02.jpg AE-1 FX-4 01.jpg attach a few results -- NOT 'Camera Club Winners' by any means but just 'tests with the Canon FD SSC 50mm f1.4 lens at various apertures, and a Yellow Filter .

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