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Discussion in 'Canon Lens Discussion' started by Caladina, Oct 3, 2021.

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    Couldn't see a general section for canon body questions.
    As you know i have the M50 and very happy with it, not replacing it love it, one of the reasons is its size and the native lens sizes, even with the sigma 100-400mm having the small body works well becuse the whole set up with hood up can fit in my shoulder bag.

    Having gotten the sigma 150-600mm recently it again has worked fantastically on the lens, however something some one said on the FB groups, they had gotten a cheap full size body for the 150-600 because the lens was that much bigger.

    which leads to my Question, is there a high MP body that is now getting into the cheaper side of the market, as this will be a one trick pony body, i'll just be using it on the 150-600mm for wildlife i'm not going to spend a stupid amount on it

    i have seen the 90d is a 45mp but i've not seen those cheap
    i would say cheap to be £300 or under, i know its probably one of those Q's cheap and amazing - not happening but i thought i'd ask incase there is a gem out there you guys might know about.

    of course, i would also need to find out if the 150-600mm sigma has the resolving power to handle a higher micron sensor
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    The question I have to ask is: Why do you think you need more MPs than you already have (24.1 MP) just because you are using a 150-600mm lens?
    I have been using a Sigma 150-500mm lens on my Pentax K-3 (24.3 MP) and I don't feel a need to have more MP.
    I normally make A4 prints at home from that camera but I have also had 20" X 30" prints made with fine detail easily seen.
    So, what do you think that more mega pixels will do for you? Do you want to do heavy cropping?
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    The only camera that I can think of that is going to give you loads of mp's is the 5Ds, and or the 5Ds r. I have no idea what a used one would cost in your neck of the woods. 50mp I think. Of course this is going to be a lot bigger and heavier than your current gear. Plus, how these smaller pixels will get on in low light would be worth reading up on before you go spending your hard earned money.

    I think they are 32.5mp.


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