Black and White FILM !! Canon A-1

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    YO !! Back again after a while as In used my A-1 after a long while using ' Other Gear' I have been experimenting with the Crawley FX-4 film developer Formula, with Another Make Beginning With LEICA but swtiched to my 'Gift' 1980's A-1 . I loaded an 03/2009 dated Ilford HP5 + Fillum and set 800 ASA as I got good results with FX-4 with the 'Other Make' and processed for 11.5 Mins @ 20oC -- results were very DENSE NEGS ! So cut film and reloaded and tried again at 800 ASA but cut time to 11 mins -- still DENSE!
    reloaded for 3rd time and finished the film set 1200 ASA on A-1 and gave 10 mins and GOOD NEGS !
    I have done Darkroom Prints of some of the Dense and Contrasty Negs on some old Ilfospeed Glossy Grade 2 paper. I will show you a couple -- A-1 FX-4 01.jpg A-1 FX-4 02.jpg

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    There's something about film B&W that is unique and can't be replicated by digital. Nice work

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