Help me! Jessop Atlantic monopod 4TS QR plate needed (or replacement).

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    Apr 24, 2017
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    I have never used a monopod but have occasionally wished I had some support when using my Tamron SP 23A so when I saw one for sale (minus the quick release plate) for £10 and being reassured that a replacement plate would be easy to source I decided to buy it.
    A quick look on the WWW has not come up with any answers to me.

    Could somebody recommend a replacement? I understand Vanguard make QR plates that fit Jessop tripods, if so which one?
    Is this monopod any good? It extends to my height and seems robust enough to take a few pounds of weight? Presumably the QR plate would be similarly robust.

    The plate holder has some lugs in it so I don't think some cheap ebay item will fit.

    Another stupid question, can I take it off and fit a different head?

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