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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by rayallen, May 26, 2018.

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    A little Canon stuff

    I too shoot both Pentax as well as Canon. A couple of things have sprung to mind with your post.

    I like quirky. Pentax camera bodies, the K01 springs to mind. I don't own one, but at least Pentax tried something different as opposed to a rehash of the same old same old with newer technology in it. Back in the days of film, they made the 67, and the 645, as well as the little 110. All different to the normal run of the mill stuff. I like that they do lenses a little different as well. The 31, 43, and 77 come to mind. No one else does them at those focal lens. The new RF mount has some interesting new glass. Why is it interesting? Because it is different to every other manufacturer. Quirky brings change from the crowds.

    I agree, they do some neat engineering. I find their cameras really easy to use. I own the gps unit which slots into the hotshoe. Not brilliant, but it's a great start for night images.

    Flaky? Are you serious? There was a video going around back in the day of some bloke burying his Pentax camera in sand, and then washing it off under a tap. That was on Pentax Forums. Look on youtube, you will see videos of people giving their cameras abuse, and they still work. Yes, Pentax have had problems. SDM failures, and aperture block failures, but I am pretty sure every camera manufacturer has their same issues with their cameras and lenses. In fact, just read the post two above yours on this thread.

    I do know of Pentax Forums. I am not a member, but I would hate to think the amount of times I have visited the site. Almost everyday for years. So I kind of know what the current talk is about. I have just poked my nose in their now. And the total "my Pentax camera is broken" on the first two forum pages, is a grand total of one. My camera from the mid 1980's doesn't work. Try a new battery. So I really have no idea where you are getting this "loads of talk about it".

    I am also little miffed that you have come onto a forum to complain about another brand.

    I also recognize your user name and avatar from Pentax Forums. If you wish to discuss what you think about Pentax products I would suggest you log on and start a new thread there.

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    Is there a little history here that new members don't know about?
    I might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but I have read the "offending" post about ten times to see what I am missing, and well, it just doesn't seem that offensive to me!? Perhaps if I owned a Pentax I might understand? :)
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    Well a fair number of people on the forums here are also members of the Pentax forums so that is probably the root of the issue why the post was quickly rebutted. That said, personally I saw it more of a lighthearted opinion and didn't think it was so much to fuss about. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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