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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by messi4710, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. messi4710

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    Jun 10, 2019
    Hi everyone, I'm a beginner to photographing. In the near future, I want to buy myself a long-term camera with about $ 1,000. Are you aiming for me 70d vs len 18-55. According to everyone, I should buy a new one always good to buy old body and lens

  2. johnsey

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    Apr 21, 2017
    Fargo, ND
    5dMk4, 5dMk2, 20D, 70-200 2.8L IS, 100mm 2.8 Macro USM, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 17-40mm 4.0L, Rokinon 14mm 2.8; Pixma Pro-100
    I think aiming for the 70/80d level is a good idea if you want to think long term as it will save you the jump to this level later. The kit 18-55 is a very inexpensive lens which will get you started but you will probably find it has limitations. The up side is you will likely identify what you want in your kit lens wise after using it a bit.
    For example you can see on my list i invested in some L zooms at the wide and long end, and filled in the gap a macro and some fast prime lenses. But everyone's preferences for shooting are different.

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