New Crop Sensor R7, or a used Full Frame EOS R?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS R Series' started by Thomas Rintoul, Jun 5, 2022.

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    Jun 5, 2022
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    Hi folks! This is my first time here but I've got a question that's been bugging me since the announcement of the EOS R7 and R10.

    I'm currently using a crop sensor 70D as my main camera with an M50 as my second camera (which is mostly used for livestreams and when I need a more compact camera with me).

    The rest of my work is mostly landscape photography and youtube videos. I'm also getting into some indoor sports photography (gymnastics for example) which is fast paced so needs a fast shutter speed which will mean higher ISO levels.

    I've been looking at getting an RF mount camera for a while and was thinking that I'd like to go full frame because I presume the low light performance for things like sports photography will be better. I had hoped that the R7 would have been a more direct successor to the EOS R and have a Full Frame sensor. However, it doesn't.

    My question really is this. If I'm to choose between these two cameras (which I might not in the end), which is a better deal, the R7 with its newer tech, or a used EOS R with its full frame sensor? Or, should I just wait, make some more money with my current gear and try for say a used R6?

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    I would not recommend the R for anything that requires fast burst and AF tracking.

    The R7 has a pretty poor buffer so that could be a problem also.

    The R6 is a great body, if you can afford it that’s the way I would go. It has great AF a good buffer and good high ISO ability.
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    Jan 30, 2020
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    If i was to get an R camera i'd go for one with IBIS, my main camera is M50, i do everything with it from 2mm macro to 1200mm+ planetary, one of the main things i like about it is the ability to use efm lenses for times when i want a compact carry, for that reason its always going to be my main camera,

    i don't think your main work would make best use of the specs of the R7, its designed as a wildlife camera putting more pixels on a smaller target zone, i'm a wildlife shooter and it is getting there, i'm thinking there may be a higher spec R crop with bsi sensor and maybe quad pixel later, maybe the R2

    the R6 does sound like the better camera for you, depends if the 20mp is good enough for you.

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