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Discussion in 'Canon EOS M Series' started by Jakub, Nov 5, 2018.

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    Oct 5, 2018
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    I am about to buy the M50 with 15-45 kit lens soon and while I already know quite a lot about the camera, I still can´t find satisfactory answers to some more specific technical-related questions.

    1. Functionality of the OIS in some lenses is quite clear to me and as far as I know, it doesn´t affect general IQ in any way, however, how does the digital IS in the body itslef work? I´ve heard that it does affect video quality in some way, which, frankly, doesn´t concerns me much but does it affect stills as well? And is it worth to have it on while shooting stills with a lens without internal IS?

    2. I´d also like to know how the in-camera correctoins specifically work - Chromatic abberation correction is quite clear but how about the peripheral illumination or auto lightning correction? could these have some secondary (normally visible - I mean no pixel-picking) negative IQ impact when enabled? I am aware of the fact that those settings apply on direct JPEG shooting only.

    3. Does the USB charging not work at all or only when the camera is on? Could it be safely bypassed somehow?

    4. Does the ECO mode affect display settings only or something else too?

    5. Is it known how much additional power will it take while the option to transfer images directly to phone is active?

    6. If I would kept the main display collapsed and used EVF only (e.g. with remote view via a phone while shooting on a tripod), will it save some power? (if there is some kind of sensor which can identify the display orientation)

    Many thanks for any advice.


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