R6 Intervalometer Questions

Discussion in 'Canon EOS R Series' started by djmcmath, Jan 3, 2021.

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    Jan 3, 2021
    Long time Canon guy. Currently EOS 6D with lenses that cover 17mm to 135mm.
    I'm looking at the Canon EOS R6 for a really specific niche use case, and am concerned about a couple of features that I don't see described well elsewhere.

    First: Can I watch the images as the interval timer is shooting them?

    Second: Is there an easy way to enable interval timer (some custom function option?), or do I need to go through the menus every time?

    The use case is underwater photogrammetry -- I'm making 3D models of underwater objects, typically wrecks. Most people who drop things in the water and forget about them aren't terribly worried about how deep it is, from the perspective of divers later, so a bunch of these things are deep enough that time-at-depth is a real concern.

    .... So I need to be able to transit (with the camera off, preferably, to preserve battery life), rig out the lights, turn the thing on, and start collecting data as efficiently as possible. If I have to use my heavy cold-water gloves to navigate slowly through menus using the dial on a housing every time I want to start a sequence, or stop the sequence I'm working on to pick up elsewhere, it'll add minutes to bottom time, which is not really optimal.

    Like a time lapse shot, using the interval timer for UW photogrammetry requires periodic frames. But unlike time lapse, the camera and the lights are moving every frame. I really need to be able to see what's in frame and what isn't, and where my lights are hitting (or not), or if I've developed a bad backscatter problem, or if my lighting diver is hitting where he should be, or ... any number of other things.

    Does anyone who has one know? Thanks in advance.


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