Where is the POWER SOURCE INFO screen?

Discussion in 'Canon PowerShot Series' started by Robert Wilks, Aug 9, 2019.

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    Aug 9, 2019
    SX280 HS
    On an SX280 HS, how do you get to the power source info screen?

    An ad for a replacement NB-6LH battery offered here at Amazon claims, “Fully decoded, you can check the remaining capacity, shutter count and recharge performance on the cameras power source info screen.”

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    Your Battery life and remaining available captures on the SD are captured at the top of the screen when in shooting or playback modes this is general of canon cameras. (page 179 in your manual) There is not a physical shutter nor wold that have anything to do with the battery, this is likely a listing with some poorly translated Japanese on it for your off brand battery, in short they are saying it will give battery life reading just like your original did.
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